Here you will find occasional updates to the life and times of the Humphries family of Tyrone, GA.

The Humphries Family At The Beach

The blog name, Humphrelia, is an amalgamation of our names: Humphries (as in Josh Humphries) and Roghelia (as in Malin Roghelia, Josh’s wife). Josh’s sister, Kristie, gets credit for inventing this surname fusion.

Our family consists of us – Josh and Malin (pronounced like Melinda without the da) – and our two sons: Will, who joined us in January of 2005, and Ewan, who very recently entered the fray in April of 2009. We also have three pets. Two of them are dogs: Miles, a nine-year-old flat coat retriever, and Marla, a seven-year-old black lab mix. The third is a cat: a small, black cat named Noire.