I am updating from last week because I was so busy with my eating schedule and getting my mom’s house done before the baby comes. And then there are the doctors – yes, they came back with a vengeance this past week. So here is a rundown:

  • Dr. Yeagly – Paranatolagist. Great doctor, bad office – it’s decorated like a state farm. The baby is good, the fluid around the baby is good. There is a little extra fluid in the kidneys but nothing to really worry about. We will go back at 34 weeks to do another ultrasound and to switch prescriptions from lovenox to the heparin. It’s still two shots a day, but this is the only way I can get my epidural. And we all know I am a weenie and need all the pain relief legally allowed.
  • Dr. Bonser – Ob-Gyn. Moved to new office, and it’s quite spiffy. I am measuring on schedule, weighing on schedule, and the baby’s heart rate is perfect 140’s. I had the glucose testing done and another rogham shot in my butt (and that is no small needle either).
  • Dr. Levy – Vascular Surgeon. Appointment is next week – I will let you know.
Dr. Yeagly gave us this pic last friday. It’s the profile of Willem’s face. Some think he looks like me, others think Josh. I guess we will just have to wait and see.