Okay – I have finally gotten these pictures up. I know I am a big slacker, but I have been busy eating. We went to eat Indian with Karyn & Scott (or “Scaryn” as I call them – don’t worry: you all have cute pet names I don’t call you to your face). Anyway, I was 180 when I woke up that morning and 185 the next morning. I will do the math for you: 185-180=5. That is 5 pounds in 24 hours. Apparently the Indian was tasty – oh, and so was the ice cream afterwards. The shower invitations have mostly gone out. Some of you are hard to find so be patient with me.

Well this is the nursery “before” pic. As you can see, there is a crib (thank you grannie annie), a rocking chair (which was my amma’s), and a dresser that will be a changing table. Tune in later for the big reveal.
This is me – or “my belly” since that is mostly what I am comprised of now. This pic was from an intense photo shoot with Josh, who apparently can’t work a camera because this is an appalling pic, and it was the only salvageable one out of about ten. This is what 25 pounds looks like on me. And, yes, this is after the Indian food.