Will has had his two week pediatrician visit – nothing unusual going on. We found out that he has already grown a decent bit: 8 lb. 2 oz. and 22 in. long. We were also given an appointment with a pediatric urologist next week. During the many prenatal ultrasounds done, Dr. Yeagly noticed an enlarged left kidney. She gave me a note to give to the pediatrician for when he was born that reads, “Mrs. Roghelia’s male fetus has possible hydronephrosis of the left kidney and a possible duplicated collecting system.” After birth, more ultrasounds on him positively identified hydronephrosis and a possibly occluded left ureter. It sounds bad, but apparently it is not uncommon and is not an emergency provided the boy can pee fine (which I guarantee that he can).

The little rascal is sleeping better at night – he wakes up every three hours to eat and then will go back to sleep. This is really a sweet deal. He’s looking cuter and cuter. He’s taken interest with the mobile in his crib. His eyes can follow the little animals that hang from it as they spin around. And he is visibly excited when he touches one of these animals. I can smell those synapses forming!

We also learned a little more (a perhaps a little less) about his blood condition that necessitated the stay in the hospital NICU. The blood tests from mommy came back negative: meaning that mommy’s blood did not have the anti-platelet antibodies that were suspected to have caused the condition. This rules out Iso-Immunothrombocytopenia. The new diagnosis is Transient Thrombocytopenia – which means it was temporary but of unknown origin. This is actually good news because it means that chances are good it wouldn’t happen again if we have another baby. Were the cause of the condition mommy’s blood, then her blood could be the culprit yet again in a second delivery. Since that is ruled out, hopefully that means it was a fluke and is unlikely to occur again (if we decide to have another… a very big if at this point, if you know what I mean).

In case you couldn’t tell, this message was brought to you by the father, Josh. Malin will return as soon as she feels up for battling with the archaic tools required to post a page to a free geocities site…

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