This is Josh writing yet another post with some more news.

Will had his all-day doctor event today. We had to take him for some tests at the children’s hospital in North Atlanta and then to see a doctor after that – a pediatric urologist. They were interested in his kidneys. They once again positively identified hydronephrosis of the left kidney. They say he’ll have to go back for more tests in a few weeks to determine the cause of that – it could be a problem with that kidney’s drainage or it could be nothing… They also identified that he is experiencing uretal reflux – which means that his urine can backtrack from his bladder, through his ureters, into his kidneys. This apparently is not a major thing, will likely go away with age, won’t likely cause anything much worse than a urinary tract infection, and hopefully it won’t even cause that since he is on antibiotics specifically to prevent anything of this sort from happening.

This afternoon after we finally got back from the doctor visits, we got a chance to play video games – something we haven’t done for a couple of months. We beat Halo 2. The ending would have been great if Halo 3 were already out. It really leaves you hanging. The story is actually interesting, so I can’t wait for the next one to find out the rest of the story. But not having Halo 3 means I hated the ending. No resolution – leaves you thirsting for me… Much like a book I finished last night: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Now I’ll have to read the other books in the series because the first ends so abruptly: I gotta find out what happens next!