Can you believe it’s been that long? Well I can. You try getting up 3 to 70 times a night to feed, change, and generally entertain an infant, and it would feel even longer. Yes, this is your friendly new mom talking. I hope we didn’t lose too many of you to the temporary entertainment. It was short notice, and he was all I could find that was just as interested in me as me. Well, Will got an infection from the test we had last week and is bouncing back nicely after 3 days of total sleep, which was the only symptom that tipped me off to the general illness he was having. Giving him his medicine has proved to be a man’s job though. If I give it to him he enjoys the fun of gasping, coughing, and throwing up everything in his stomach after a 30 min feeding all over himself, me, and 2 towels. Yes, those are full-sized towels – not those little hooded thin baby towels that are a complete joke but are oh so cute in the thousands of pictures you take. I also have had my post-partum visit, which went fine. Soon I will hopefully be off the Coumadin (blood-thinning, anti-clot drug), so I can stop feeling like I have been hit by a bus. Oh yes, my love to all of you. This has been a hard ride, but you have all helped us get through it. Thank You.