Today was one of my first work days in a while. Will was quite helpful picking out tile for Mimi’s kitchen and even more helpful at pooping all over the nice tile people’s beautifully tiled bathroom floor. It was great! Who knew antibiotics give kids diarrhea? Not me. Well, now I do.

Will has adopted a new phrase: “take it.” He says it over and over again. What he means to say is “I want it,” but, instead, all day I hear “take it, take it.” Like I need to take it and give it to him

The party day is approaching and I have been at work getting ready. The next big challenge is the cake – ooohhh will it be cool! Or it could be a complete disaster. One never knows in the world of confections how things will go. It is looking like there will be a good turnout so I will share pics when it is all over.