Will is finally feeling better – no more stomach flu. So, we have a respit from illness that will hopefully last a long time. Work has been very busy, but there is a potential silver lining: I may get to go to Ireland this year. I’ve never been but have always wanted to. It wouldn’t necessarily be a great trip since I would be there visiting a client and likely doing a lot of work. But there is the possibility of taking Malin and Will and then taking some vacation time after the client visit to see the country… It isn’t a sure thing, but its something I can hope for (the vacation time, that is – I’m certainly not hoping to visit clients).

My friend Bob was in town this weekend. He is a college friend of mine who is living in Manhattan, and his fiancee happens to be living in Fayette County, Georgia right now (hence the reason for his trip down here). But it is always fun to hang out and chat. I got to show off my new draft homebrew setup:

The homebrew keg

Will, inspecting the system for leaks:
Will inspecting the keg

I also took some of the draft brew into work this week. Only a few folks were able to take 20 minutes out of their busy day to come and try some, so I ended up having some to take back home. I discovered that taking a “growler” (or in this case a 2-liter plastic soda bottle) full of draft beer is difficult. Some CO2 is released when you dispense the beer (hence the head you typically see on a glass of beer), and the remaining CO2 quickly vacates the beer in favor of the head space at the top of the bottle. I have no way to pressurize the bottle (which would keep the beer properly carbonated). So what I took to the office was less than stellarly carbonated.

Malin got some fabric today with the intent of making some clothes for Will. One of the amusing successes is a pair of PJ pants made from a red fabric that has pirate flags (black flags w/ white skulls & bones) all over it. I’ll have to post pictures of him in some of his new clothes.

Not much else to write about… Hope everyone we know is having a good week.