The past few weeks have been really busy: first the house fell apart, then the car fell apart, and now Willem is starting to fall apart. He has turned in to a bona fide two year old, with temper tantrums that leave a trail of destruction in their wake. He broke something while in a store recently. I don’t think I have been that mortified since I had a pair of my underwear fall out of my jeans while walking across the courtyard in high school (I had taken the jeans out of a pile of dirty clothes on the floor, and the underwear – from the same pile of dirty clothes – was hiding in the pant leg). I offered to pay for the broken merchandise, but they declined. Nonetheless, I had a small breakdown inside while the whole thing unfolded. Now when we go out, he has to hold my hand at all times. It’s like wrestling a monkey – so we don’t really go out much. Right now we are lying in bed watching cartoons. He is being sweet, but I know Mr. Hyde is just below the surface, ready to destroy the peace I am currently enjoying.

On other news, I have been getting back in the swing of things with work. Spring is coming, everyone wants their decorating done for all of the parties that the warm weather brings, and I don’t blame them. I do not think I will be taking on anymore clients of the decorating variety: it has really burnt me out, and I am now looking for new horizons to conquer.

Well, Will is starting to turn into his demented alter ego, so I must leave you now. Soon we will be together again, and I shall miss you while we are apart.