Since this site is our family blog, I’ve decided to create a different place where I can rant about beer and my homebrewing hobby: Also, the main page now has a new tile and link to this new site.

If you are interested in the brews I make or my rants about homebrewing or beer in general then you may want to bookmark it. Otherwise, just stay tuned to this site to just read about our family. And I promise I’ll try to post more pictures of us. Although if you really want pictures then you may want to subscribe to Malin’s blog, too.

On another subject, my job has really been a pain lately – a fact to which all of my co-workers could testify. We had a commiseration lunch today, giving one another an earful about how much we hate certain aspects of our jobs. Some of our discussions feel like they come right out of Dilbert cartoons…

I hope everyone is doing well.