Today was my working-from-home day. I try to telecommute every Wednesday; it can be very productive to not be in the office, and it saves a bunch on fuel since I live pretty far from work.

Unfortunately, I did not get much work done. One reason for my staying home, other than it being Wednesday, was that I felt like crap. My seasonal allergies have flared. I recently changed my Primary Care Provider with my insurance company (yes, I have an HMO). I did so because my previous PCP was pretty far from home – it would have made for a long drive to the doctor were I to get sick. The problem is that I had not yet visited the new doctor, and they won’t write a prescription without seeing you at least once.

So I went to the doctor today. My suspicions were confirmed: I have a sinus infection thanks to what the doc called “Chronic Allergic Rhinitis” (fancy word for bad seasonal allergies). But the good news that I have seen the doctor, so he was able to write me a prescription for Flonase (a nasal steroid that, for me, was a magic bullet against bad allergies). Since I had already developed an infection, he also prescribed an antibiotic.

He told me to stop taking decongestants after today. Part of the reason being that they tend dry your body out, which could cause dehydration when combined with Diarrhea. When I pointed out that I didn’t have Diarrhea, he said, “But the antibiotic will give it to you. Make sure to drink plenty of water.” Lovely…

Luckily, Will and Malin are feeling okay.

So today was filled mostly with responding to e-mails at work. I did a couple of other things, but not much. I was actually in bed most of the day, feeling like a used Kleenex (pale, weak, and covered in snot).

The project I’m on at work is already behind. I recall mentioning in my last post how this project really sucks (a very high anxiety project manager doesn’t help). So hopefully the meds will help to prepare me for battle in the office tomorrow.