Well, this weekend was no fun. Will woke up on Saturday with dry heaves and developed a fever in the afternoon. So we’ve been struggling all weekend to get him to drink fluids and to keep his temperature down. It seems like he has another stomach bug of some kind: his stools have been unpleasant, he had the dry heaves on Saturday morning, and he has had a fever for two days. The reason he had dry heaves – and not vomiting – was because he hasn’t been eating much. And, since Saturday morning, he’s eaten almost nothing at all. He ate some goldfish and some cheerios on Saturday. Today, all he ate was a few fries and a bite of fish.

It seems like ever since we started this blog our whole family has been suffering from some sort of illness. I feel like it’s all I write about (aside from writing about homebrew). So hopefully he’s through the worst of it and will be back to his normal self tomorrow… especially since we’re supposed to be driving out of town this upcoming weekend. It will definitely be no fun if he hasn’t fully recovered by then. This Thursday we’re driving to Greenville, SC to stay with my folks, and then Friday morning we’ll drive the second leg of our journey to Durham, NC. One of Malin’s cousins is getting married there this upcoming Saturday (the 24th). We won’t be leaving Durham until next Monday morning… and then back to work on Tuesday the 27th.

And the short four-day week this week won’t be any fun for me in the office (nor will the subsequent short four-day week). We have a project for a client in Ireland, and we are running a little behind. So there is a lot of stress involved to get it back on track. Despite the fact that I’m not a project manager, I feel like there is some pressure on me to help manage the project (the project manager is new to our team and has been a little neurotic). The other engineers on the project are just trying to figure out which way is up – thanks to really lousy documentation for many aspects of our deliverables… But those are details with which I shan’t bother you further.

The silver lining is that I’ll get to visit Ireland. My first trip will be the week of April 9th. Nothing beyond that is really confirmed, but I’ll most likely have to return around early July (possibly sooner, too). I’m hoping to bring Malin and Will out there in the summer during the latter trip. We still have to get a passport for Will to do that though. We tried during this past week but were unsuccessful because the passport offices in Fayette County close at 2pm (we didn’t make it out until after that). We were hoping to try again this Saturday since the passport offices are open until 11am on Saturdays. But, with Will sick, that opportunity did not present itself.