Luckily, Will was feeling much better come Monday morning. In fact, since Monday morning he has been sleeping in. He’s not yet gotten used to Daylight Savings Time. And we’ll be keeping him on this time to keep him staying up late and sleeping in. The main reason for that being our trip this weekend: since we’ll have to sleep in a hotel room with him in a portable crib, we won’t really be able to stay up late. So instead of us learning to go to bed at 9pm, we’ll try to get him used to staying up until 11pm. And upon our return will come the challenge of beating back his bedtime to normal hours.

Today he was definitely back to his old usual self – a monster. He’s wonderful and all, but he tries to break our spirit and bend us to his will every ounce as much as we try to do so to him. It’s tough battle of “Will” power (lame pun intended). So we are ever trying to get him to eat his dinner and behave in the evenings, and he is ever trying to make us give up and let him do whatever he wants…

Alas, it is better than him being sick with a high fever.

Tomorrow we will be heading over to the post office to get him a passport. Wish us luck!