I was reading the blog of a co-worker and friend of mine, and therein some of the posts linked to other blogs and sites. While wandering through the web, I happened upon a link to a strange video: scenes from Star Wars (Episode IV) wherein Darth Vader’s lines are replaced by lines from Coming To America. Check it out here.

After watching, I noticed some links to episodes of Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager. I saw these some time ago, but when I first watched them there were only two of them. Now the entire first season is finished: eight episodes in all. The story centers on Darth Vader’s lesser-known brother, Chad, and his tribulations as a manager at a grocery store. It’s quite amusing and worth wasting time with:

Recently, I recall someone telling me about a commercial wherein a gorilla plays drums to the beat of In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins. I can’t remember who it was that was telling me about this, but I just recently saw it firsthand. My brother, in fact, sent me an e-mail with this link.