I finally got around to posting some things for sale this evening. I posted my Blazer to both Craig’s List and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The Camaro is finally fixed, so I’m unloading the SUV. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Camaro is really fixed this time. The mechanic said that the reason the new pinion bearing went out so quickly was a problem with the pinion flange, which should now be fixed.

I was quite irritated to find that he still had not corrected the speedometer, after previously telling me that it would be fixed. He conveniently failed to mention this shortcoming when I picked it up from his shop. When I called him right after getting home, he said that “he tried four times to reprogram it, but it wouldn’t work.” He blamed the tool he has, and he told me that he’d get it fixed soon.

Considering he held the car captive for twelve weeks the last time I took it in to him, I’m not holding my breath. So I bought a used Hypertech Power Programmer III off of eBay last week to fix it myself. This thing is capable of reprogramming the on-board computer for a variety purposes, including adjusting the speedometer for after-market gear ratios and tire sizes. It also has “performance” programming that adjusts everything from the temperatures at which the radiator fan turns on and off to the fuel delivery and ignition. The intent is more horsepower, but I’m more stoked about the potential for better fuel economy: 2-4 mpg better than the factory programming. That means this tool will pay for itself in less than a year in lower fuel costs.

Now my only problem is that this new programmer won’t work: it tells me that the computer’s current programming is not factory. I have to call Hypertech support tomorrow morning to see what I can do to work around this issue. I have a feeling this happened when the mechanic “tried four times” to fix the speedometer…

In addition to selling my Blazer, I’m also unloading a Bowflex home gym. I don’t use it often enough and would get more use out of a treadmill. If you are in the market for a home fitness system, take a look.