“Preview?” you say. Yes, preview. Even though this holiday season has now come and gone, this post is but a preview. I’ll gather pictures and fail to come up with clever ways to describe our holidays in coming posts. This post is just to say “Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve added anything here. We are doing well, and we hope all our friends and family are, too.”

So be on the look-out in the next few posts for tantalizing tales of the House of Humphries. In particular, our aim is to catch you up on the following hot topics:

  • Will. The number one subject around these parts. He’s still struggling with potty training, he had a fun Christmas and a not-so-fun New Year’s, and he starts school in less than two weeks. Also, he has a birthday and a corresponding party in less than two weeks, too.
  • Before Christmas. Find out what we did the weekend before Christmas.
  • Christmas. Find out what Santa brought the whole clan. You’ll also hear all about our fun but unfortunately brief visit with the original House of Humphries (Grandpa, Frannie, and Uncle Jake – unfortunately Auntie K’s presence was limited to a conference call, for proximity reasons).
  • New Year’s. We’ll catch you up on all of the details of our New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day happenings and celebrations (or lack thereof).

I know this post is a lame filler. But we don’t yet have the materials ready to do justice to the above topics right now, so we’ll be aiming to wrap up 2007 before Will’s (and Grandpa Humphries’) birthday – Friday, 1/11.

I’ll give you a hint about what Santa brought us: it has something to do with trains.

Au revoir.