In the past couple of posts, I’ve mentioned many things musical. I still haven’t gotten around to packaging the DOS-based MIDI composition software for posting here. I also still haven’t gotten around to posting the recently-recorded-from-cassette original MP3s.

I’ve decided to delay that in favor of posting about my favorite animal: the pig! More specifically, pork, since the pig is my favorite-tasting animal. I went to lunch at a barbecue restaurant the other day with a co-worker, Paul (and of course had the pulled pork because it comes from the best-tasting animal ever!). Somehow we got to joking and talking about bacon. We then exchanged amusing cartoons, all related to the subject.

Paul e-mailed to me the bacon flowchart:

The Bacon Flowchart

My favorite part is where it says “Withholding bacon from a dog is inhumane.”

He saw this image on this site. This site’s author is not the original artist/author that created the flowchart, but he posts a lot about bacon (some are very, very funny; others are very, very disturbing; many are both).

I then sent Paul a couple of gems from a really demented cartoon website named The Perry Bible Fellowship. The cartoons are always deranged and widely varying in subject matter. Two of their cartoons were about the delectable backside of a hog:

Instant Bacon!
The Bacon Egg

Maybe the next post here will be about something somewhat serious. Stay tuned…