Will finished school last week, and we have been hanging out here at the house enjoying the air condition in between my work and watching an inordinate amount of Harry Potter. He is only allowed to watch the first three as the fourth one is rated PG-13.

Now, before I get emails, let me explain: when we first had Will, I definitely did the high-and-mighty “I am going to do the best job at raising him and controlling what he is exposed to and yadda yadda…” I have a 2×4 sticking out of my head because that is all bat-shit insane. You cannot really control anything: he is all boy, all the time. So we have shifted our focus to “let’s keep it to ‘innocent’ violence.”

Can you believe that just came out of my mouth? Innocent violence?! Who says crap like that? Well, I do. We say “shooter” instead of “gun” and “fall down” instead of “die”. He may be starting to grasp that death is a permanent thing and all around uncool. So, I guess in the end, my crazy has given way to a more conscious way of dealing with BOY.

On other notes, on the next-to-last day of school, a manila envelope was sent home with him. I did not think anything of it, and neither did Josh. That night I opened the envelope, and the coolest, most awesome gift that is not a gift (but really is) was inside. See picture:

Will sewed all these little sequins on all by himself. Is that not the coolest thing ever? No really – EVER?! I love to sew and had given up any notion of sharing my past time with my BOY. But, when he brought these home, a little spark was lit, and I asked him if he liked sewing, and he said, “yes.”

Music filled the room – I swear (or maybe the TV was up a little loud…).

I am going to frame these, and when he is 16 he is going to beg me to stop carrying them around with me where ever I go.