Oh well, it has been a while. I am sure Josh has told you if you do not already know that we are going to have another baby – another boy baby that is.  The first trimester did a number on me this time, and, with all the doctor visits and tests they feel the need to run on me, I have been busy.  Also I have been wrapping up a lot of HiF Photo work as the holiday season is here, the year will be over soon, and I will be taking a break from photography until this baby comes in April.  I just realized I have not taken a picture of my growing belly yet. I must get to that before I turn into a whale – or a barn or a cruise ship.

I have been feeling very nesty, so I have been crafting a lot. I made Will these little Elves.

Full body:

Her arm is wonky as she is the first one I made. Just don’t look.

Santa will be sending magic dust in the next few days and a letter as to how to make them wake up in the night.  I think the story goes something like this: the elves wake up at night and get into mischief but they are always watching and reporting back to Santa if you are naughty or nice. It should be interesting.  I got the idea here, but I thought the elves looked lame so I made my own and painted the faces on. The boy looks a bit grim, but we will just say he’s mysterious.

We got a tree this past weekend though it has only lights on it so far. Maybe it will get ornaments this afternoon. Almost all the Christmas shopping is done and hidden or in the mail on its way. I would show more craft stuff, but a lot of it is going as gifts so secrets must be kept.  Oh, I do have a birthday gift I made that was delivered last week.  A crown for the birthday girl (a girl in Will’s class and whose mom is a friend):