Today was the day.

To celebrate, we all crashed a five-year-old’s birthday party. Seriously. We did. Okay, we didn’t crash it. Will was invited. His friend Aaron at school turns five on Monday. So I got some pizza. I got some cake. And the best part: it was free! (Sweet!)

I recently pulled down some pictures from Will’s birthday a few weeks ago. We had two parties: one on his birthday with family and a home-made Darth Vader cake; and another the following Saturday with his school friends at Dixieland Fun Park (with a store-bought Dark Vader cake). I’m working on getting a post together for those soon.

I’ll also have to post pictures of Malin and me making home-made sausage. We made knackwurst, and it is excellent. We found a butcher/deli in Decatur that sold us natural hog casings and some pink salt (sodium nitrite – for curing meat). So we’ll be eating barbecue chicken wings and hot dogs made from fresh, home-made knackwurst for the big game tomorrow.