Spring break is over for us. Will’s last day of Spring Break was Sunday; he returned to school on Monday, April 6th.

We’ve had a lot of other stuff going on lately, too.

My mother-in-law got re-married to a very nice guy. She’s just got a buyer for her house, and tomorrow will be a fun day of moving furniture. Luckily not for me. Movers will be picking stuff up from her house and moving some of it in with us and the rest in her new house where she lives with her new husband. Malin will be dealing with that since she knows where all of the furniture is going, and I have to work…

Malin is still pregnant – but just barely. She’s about to burst, so she’s not likely to be in this state for very long. Due date is in one week. I will be taking three weeks off from work when the new one arrives. I am kind of looking forward to that since my current project at work has been up and down and a little high stress lately.

We’ve had all sorts of fun dealing with unreliable contractors lately. The roofers finally put a new roof on the house – before Malin went into labor luckily. Crummy weather for the past several weeks did not help this effort. They were supposed to be back tomorrow to put up the new siding but called today to let us know they may not be able to find a match for our type of siding. If they can’t, they’ll have to work with insurance to potentially re-side the entire house (!?!?!) so that we don’t have one exterior wall of the house that looks different from the rest… Soon our hail damage saga will be behind us. I can’t wait for that day.

I’ve been brewing like mad (3 batches in 3.5 weeks). I have to get it out of my system since I may not have an opportunity to do so for a while after the baby comes.

That’s about all that’s been shaking ’round these parts since I last posted (about a month ago). Hopefully I’ll be prompt with pictures after the new guy arrives.