Just thought I would drop in and let everyone know we are still waiting around for this baby. He seems to be pretty happy where he is even though I have issued an eviction notice.

Yesterday we did eggs and bunny baskets. Will got a HUGE bag of gummy worms and completely freaked out. You would have thought it was Christmas.  He was on a sugar high most of the day and ended up crashing pretty hard last night.

In other news, I think Will is official an in-doors kids after these past few weeks: he has been attacked by ants resulting in about 13 bites on his hands, and on Friday he got a tick.¬†Josh pulled it out, but part of the head broke off and was stuck. I had no idea how important it was to remove the head immediately until I google’d it, and we had fun getting it out last night before bed. I was just glad he did not throw up from getting all worked up.

Tomorrow I go for what will hopefully be my last OB visit. Wednesday is the due date, so hopefully we can get this show on the road soon.