Josh Humphries + Malin Roghelia (and Family)


Full Name
Joshua Humphries

Josh puts the 'Humphr' in 'Humphrelia'. He works as a software engineer with Google, Inc., designing and developing cloud-based software and web development tools. He finished earning his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 1999 from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech, for short). Hobbies: brewing beer (and tasting interesting craft brews); rocking out on guitars and similar stringed instruments (mandolin, banjo, etc.); playing with our sons, Willem and Ewan (Wii, Legos, Hot Wheels, outdoor sports like soccer and baseball, etc...); making charcuterie (cured meats, sausages, pates, etc.); fine and/or ethnic dining (I am a total foodie); kicking butt and taking names at foosball; reading monthly publications for automotive enthusiasts; and hanging out around the computer (sometimes work, sometimes personal, sometimes play).

Posts by Josh

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